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Stress & Anxiety Management

Stress & Anxiety Management

Price: £99/session

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To most of us, Anxiety is an organic feeling response to situations in which our distinctive internal mapping protects us and it’s a normal response to threat.

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Product Description

In our current society, people are increasingly experiencing too much stress and anxiety which could have a negative impact on their everyday lives, including their career, personal and home lives.

Hypnosis at British Therapy can change your negative reactions of perceived stressful situations into more positive reactions triggering permanent positive changes to your emotional attitudes and patterns. Our programme is specially centered to each individual. That might include use of Neuro Linguistic Programming or Cognitive Behavioural Technique as needed to achieve best results.

Hypnotherapy can also be applied to overcome the following issues:

~ Work Related Stress,

~ Emotional Calmness,

~ Flashbacks Relaxation,

~ Guilt,

~ Hyperventilation Relaxation,

~ Inner Peace,

~ Negative Thoughts or Emotions Release,

~ Nightmares,

~ Panic Attacks,

~ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,

~ Relaxation,

~ Worrying and more.


‘ Dear Simona

I would just like to thank you for being so patient and understanding with me for the past few months. In the past I used to feel as if I was going from one big anxious moment to another. When I came to see you I had hoped for some change, but I never expected I would feel so confident, relaxed and in control of my life. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better and helping me achieve my potential. You’re so great!

– Paul, 28, accountant

‘ I would have never thought the results from our two sessions would bring about so much positive change to my life and the way I deal with stress. I’ve now stopped drinking as a coping mechanism to stress and I am able to replace it with running and other positive activities. I’m also feeling as if I could cope with anything life throws at me. I guess this is a small thank you for a huge result.

– Andrea, 36, managing director

‘ I visited Simona for one of my problems to do with anxiety. I used to find it difficult to express myself or speak in public, I often felt powerless and anxious.  But since my hypnotherapy sessions, I feel like I have gained a new found level of confidence. Simona has been so caring and patient, she has put me at ease; her work has made such a great impact on my life. I’m forever grateful,

– Gustavo, 31, web designer

‘ Best money I’ve ever spent on. The new techniques of relaxation have made me find peace and tranquility. I’m able to center myself and deal with life so much easier and feeling so relaxed. Thank you for your coaching, that’s been brilliant.

– Maria, 45, consultant

‘Best money I’ve ever spent on! I had tried everything before, including acupuncture and talk therapy. Hypnotherapy was my last chance. The sessions have been a real life changer for me, the process was clear and
transparent,  I felt safe at all times and the results are so positive. Four month on and I feel like a success and in control of my life. Thank you, British Therapy, I will recommend you to all of my friends and family.

– Karen, 28, waitress

Our techniques are completely organic, we have a proven record of 97% success.

How long does one session last?

One session could last between one hour and one and a half hours.

Practice opening times: 
Mon – Fri 9am – 9pm
Sat 10.30 – 6pm

Call now 0752 88 66 549 or email to book your next appointment. Thank you.


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